Devol joins Uptek, reinforcing its role as technology agent

On July 9th, Devol officially joined Uptek, the Spanish association of technology-based companies and start-ups for advanced and digital manufacturing. This union will allow Devol to expand its technological know-how by collaborating with leading companies nationwide. Devol was one of the first companies in Spain that opted for the automation of business processes through // Leer más

Devol participates in the closing workshop of the AH2ORA R&D project

The AH2ORA project has studied the application of water footprint calculation for efficient and sustainable water management in the agricultural sector. During this industrial research project, the reduction of water consumption has been studied through the development and implementation of a tool that is able to control the impact and consumption that agricultural practices have // Leer más

The advantages of RPA

When facing a digital transformation process, it is important to take into account the advantages of RPA when automating processes. Thanks to intelligent development, it is possible to enhance the benefits of this particular tool.   What is RPA? Before knowing the advantages of RPA, let's know what it is. RPA stands for Robotic Process // Leer más

The keys to RPA software

Having a good RPA software is essential to carry out an automation project in the most successful way possible. The different options on the market offer different solutions, but these are the keys that any automation tool should have.   The advantages of automation As we have discussed on other occasions, the automation of business // Leer más

Why is the Community of Madrid committed to automation?

The Department of Digitalization of the Community of Madrid has announced a commitment to automation in which it will invest 6.7 million euros over the next four years to robotize up to 200 administrative procedures.   The perfect breeding ground One of the most recurrent complaints among the citizens is the slowness and tediousness of // Leer más

Devol participates in the AH2ORA project for the calculation of the water footprint

The AH2ORA project, Water Footprint Analysis for Agricultural Irrigation Optimization, will study the application of water footprint calculation for efficient and sustainable water management in the agricultural sector. Coordinated by the GAIA Cluster and co-financed through the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism's (MINCOTUR) line of support for AEIs, the project has the participation of // Leer más

Devol collaborates to organize the ” Innovation and Technology Conference ” in Valladolid

CARTIF-Centro Tecnológico de Castilla-León, with the collaboration and participation of InLOG Consultoría y Soluciones, Devol and Tomec Engineering Consulting, organizes an event that combines technology, learning and economic activity outside the urban environment. Ángel Velez, CEO of Devol, takes part of It. The House of the Arts in the Valladolid municipality of Laguna de Duero // Leer más

Automation of Public Administration

The road to digital transformation must go through the automation of public administration. This transformation, which is already in progress, guarantees an unprecedented revolution in the field of public services. A saturated system looking for a solution One of the obligations that citizens are most apprehensive about is the handling of bureaucratic formalities. In most // Leer más

Develop in Low Code without programming experience

One of the revolutions that are shaking the world of software development in recent times is Low Code. Its ease and speed in implementing projects of various kinds has placed it in a decisive position. It is the tool that companies choose when developing their applications. However, is it possible to develop in Low Code // Leer más

How to automate business processes

A company that wants to deepen its digital transformation and take advantage of the benefits brought by new technologies must know how to automate business processes. Thanks to the advances we are experiencing in recent times, automation is becoming a key tool for increasing productivity and reducing costs.   Clear benefits of automation To begin // Leer más

Devol organizes a Workshop on automation in A Coruña

Next Tuesday, June 6, we will be holding a conference on automation A new era in business process automation at the Estrella Galicia Museum in A Coruña. It is an opportunity to learn, from the protagonists of this revolutionary technology, how automation can improve our businesses. Organized by Devol, UiPath and GAIA, the conference aims // Leer más

Artificial Intelligence is not what you think it is

In recent times, the concept of Artificial Intelligence is becoming fashionable. It is not trivial. While fiction works have systematically glamorized stories in which a (usually evil) artificial being became too self-aware, reality shows us that Artificial Intelligence is more of an ally than an enemy to be feared.   Not all AIs are the // Leer más

Conversational RPA

On the road to digital transformation, customer service and employee process improvement are a clear objective for any company. Conversational RPA plays an important role in both fields and can provide a clear competitive advantage.   The importance of immediacy Before the advent of conversational RPA, customer service was the weak point of many businesses. // Leer más

Low code ROI

When a company decides to invest in an improvement, it is normal that doubts arise about its profitability. Calculating the ROI of Low code, the technology that is set to revolutionize the way applications are developed, is no more complicated than any other tool. If we pay attention to the following keys, we can easily // Leer más

RPA in consulting firms: a winning bet

There are a number of works in which the monotony of some processes seems to be rooted in time. Introducing RPA in consultancies not only seems like a logical idea, but also brings with it a small revolution within the reach of any business.   New times, same processes The management of data and information // Leer más

How to improve customer relations

In an increasingly changing and competitive world, having a good communication window with consumers is vital. One of the key points to improve customer relations is to have efficient and attractive portals and applications. Today's software development allows any business to benefit from what previously only the big players could afford.   The importance of // Leer más

Preparations for robot installation

It may be one of the most common questions in a business. When faced with the installation of a robot, what preparations should be made in the company? For far from requiring multiple adaptations or complex changes, the preparation is more focused on knowing in depth the aspects to be digitized.   Before starting The // Leer más

Low code is important for your business

You may be more or less aware of the relevance that new technologies are acquiring in business environments around the world. But wherever a process takes place, technology is latent in one way or another. And knowing why low code is important for your business can make all the difference.   Digital entrepreneurship The tide // Leer más

How to implant a robot

Like any other change, adding RPA technology to a business causes initial uncertainty. Implementing a robot to help us with tasks that until now have been performed by people can generate a lot of doubts. However, the process is much simpler than you might imagine. And what's more, its effectiveness is guaranteed.   Before starting // Leer más

Mendix applications

The potential of Mendix to offer solutions in the development of professional applications has become a reference in the market. The versatility of low code programming makes any process can be digitized in a simpler and more economical way. But what is the real value of Mendix?   The six key points When talking about // Leer más

What is cognitive automation?

In traditional automation, software robots complete repetitive processes based on predefined conditions and rules. In cognitive automation, on the other hand, complex, unstructured data is processed. This is the next step in the age of robotization.   A necessary evolution Before understanding what cognitive automation is and how it can improve business processes, we must // Leer más

Your mobile app with Low code

It is hard to imagine these days a complete presence on the internet without appearing in the iOS and Android app stores. But don't worry, having your mobile app with Low code is much easier than you think.   The need to be mobile Having your mobile app with Low code makes sense knowing that // Leer más

Invoice automation

Sometimes it's easier to understand how robotization can help you with a practical example. That's why today we're going to dig into a solution for one of the most challenging problems in any company: invoice automation.   The key to the problem Invoice automation is born as a solution for one of the most tedious // Leer más

Is it profitable to invest in RPA?

Whenever we consider an investment for our business, we must always ask ourselves about its profitability. Therefore, it is logical to doubt whether it is profitable to invest in RPA. Will I get so many benefits as to justify it? Will it be something that provides added value? Let's clear up some doubts.   A // Leer más

Develop with Mendix

We have already talked about the power of low code in general, and Mendix in particular. But what we haven't talked about is the actual experience of using the tool. Let's learn first-hand how it works and why it is an advantage to develop in Mendix.   The mandatory review Before diving into the nooks // Leer más

AgriDigi: The new digital agrifood network

Devol, in collaboration with Purple Blob and the GAIA cluster, is developing a traceability and marketing project for the agri-food network to advance the digital transformation of the primary sector. AgriDigi is supported by Hazitek. A sector that finds it difficult to take the plunge The primary sector is characterized as one of the late // Leer más

How to choose between Low code and No code?

Choosing between Low code and No code may be a trivial question, but it is not just a question of budget or expertise. The choice of one architecture over another can have an impact on different aspects of a company's operation. Knowing which one to choose can determine the failure or success of the implementation // Leer más

Undertaking digital transformation

We are at a time when digital transformation is a process that many companies are going through. The current times force us not to lag behind and try to catch a train that has already begun to move. However, being clear about the key points to take into consideration when starting a digital transformation process // Leer más

RPA to improve customer service

Putting the customer at the center of any business action is a guarantee of success. The automation of some processes with RPA is synonymous with a substantial improvement in the way we relate to our customers. An easy, safe and mutually beneficial way to obtain better results. The customer at the center of everything Maintaining // Leer más

Which low code platform to choose?

Within the new trends in programming, low-code platforms are becoming more and more important. We have already talked about the advantages of low-code software development, but now that we know its virtues, which platform should we choose? Before we start, what is a low code platform? With the clear objective of helping to develop applications // Leer más

Your payroll is made by a robot

When you hear the word robot, the image of a metallic humanoid may come to mind. However, there are other types of robots. Like the ones that are in charge of performing the most repetitive tasks in the work processes of any company. Like the ones that take care of making your payroll every month. // Leer más

What is Mendix (and why should you be interested)?

At a time of profound digital transformation in companies, it is essential to know what Mendix is. The tools within reach of the most diverse businesses can help make the definitive leap between being left behind or starting to work in the future. The world before Low-Code As we have already mentioned, Low-Code is the // Leer más

Administrative management by robots

Administration is one of the business departments where robots shine brightly. The administrative management by robots in businesses of any nature or size provide companies with very direct ways to advance their digital transformation and reduce the costs associated with performing repetitive tasks. The same daily bread On a monthly, weekly or even daily basis, // Leer más

The future of software robots

The trend that has been unstoppable for some years now is to use software robots to automate those production processes that are tedious. Those that do not contribute direct value to the companies. Processes that take time and effort away from workers who could be spending their time on more creative or productive activities. And // Leer más

Analyzing the task: Task Mining by UiPath

Task Mining by UiPath: activity traceability for efficiency The reality of how employees perform tasks in information systems is another source of analysis in the "Discovery" phase of this series of articles. In previous blog posts we have seen how UiPath's suite of solutions (Automation Hub, Process Mining) allow us to manage, analyze, discover, propose // Leer más

From Happy Path to Reality Path: Process Mining by UiPath

We continue to unravel the UiPath tools available for the Center of Excellence (CoE) in the Discovery phase; now we talk about Process Mining. In the previous post of this series we saw how Automation Hub helps us in the task of democratizing, evaluating and managing opportunities in the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) of an // Leer más

RPA and the fourth industrial revolution

While we are still enjoying the contributions of the digital revolution or third industrial revolution, we are already at the dawn of another dizzying expansion of technology, the fourth industrial revolution. The digital revolution has changed the way we live, work and communicate. It has transformed the economy, the company, the workplace, in short, the // Leer más

RPA in the Legal Sector

In particular for the Legal sector, whether it is a department in an organization or a law firm, the RPA practice brings competitive, quality and security advantages in some of its functions. // Leer más

Where are we in RPA?

In the Digital Transformation journey of organizations, RPA technology is essential in the process of improving the organization's support functions (back-office). There is no need to explain the advantages acquired by organizations with the implementation of RPA, reducing operation costs and improving the quality of information delivery by eliminating repetitive and manual tasks. But what // Leer más

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