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We are at a time when digital transformation is a process that many companies are going through. The current times force us not to lag behind and try to catch a train that has already begun to move. However, being clear about the key points to take into consideration when starting a digital transformation process is vital to ensure success.


Unfortunately, failure is easy

The fact that most companies and businesses are betting on advancing in digital transformation does not mean that all of them will succeed. In fact, approximately 70% of projects encounter obstacles along the way that derail them. The complexity of approaching processes without the right advice, or losing sight of the most important elements, can end up derailing the effort, time and money invested.

Learning to analyze the issues, detect the key points, involve the team or identify the needs are necessary skills to successfully implement a digital transformation project.


Select what you really need

With today’s technology at the service and reach of almost any person or organization, it is very tempting to rush into implementing cutting-edge technologies. This error, however, can lead to problems of management, usefulness or rejection by employees.

Do not forget the maxim of less is more. The simpler, cleaner and more accessible the resulting process is, the easier it will be to make it work, be accepted and bring benefits to the company, employees and customers.

Defining the goal in a clear and straightforward way, establishing why the process needs to be digitized and analyzing how it will be implemented in the best possible way is of paramount importance. Aligning projects with the organization’s objectives will help define the framework in which to develop the digital transformation.

Last but not least, the drive that management or middle management brings to the project can make all the difference. It is important that during the change process all members of the company can work together as one voice. This is the only way to model a truly effective transformation.


Open mind to digital transformation

Changes are usually traumatic. They may be more or less so depending on how they are carried out, the changes they force or the routines they break. But there is no doubt that facing a change in the way of working can be a headache for more than one person.

For this reason, it is vitally important that the team leading the digital transformation, as well as the team that will manage it, have agile management skills and an open mind to change.

Chances are that, as we progress, we will encounter unexpected problems or scenarios that were not originally considered. The poorer the initial analysis mentioned above, the easier it will be for us to encounter these obstacles.

To circumvent, overcome and even learn from these complications, the most functional thing to do is to have a team that is capable of not losing focus. Staying focused, keeping your eyes fixed on the goal and always keeping in mind the benefits you want to achieve is usually a guarantee of success. There may be several paths to reach the proposed end. In digital transformation there may be no shortcuts, but a good guiding team will bring projects to a satisfactory conclusion.

Transformación digital

Digital transformation is a change that must be embraced. | Photo: Yan Krukov.


Monitoring progress is just as important

Planning and executing the steps necessary to carry out the digital transformation is just as important as controlling them. The only way to ensure the success of the process is to monitor the milestones and objectives set. Only in this way will we be able to control that we are moving in the right direction.

Having a well-defined objective and intermediate steps to accomplish are a good start. It is not a matter of creating complex measurement systems that require a great deal of interpretation effort or time-consuming analysis. In fact, in cases where the control work is excessive, demotivation and abandonment easily appear.

Having tools that provide the right and necessary information, that are easy to use and that workers are familiar with will pave the way.


To accept that change is not easy is to surrender to the evidence. However, it is possible to tackle digital transformation and take your organization to the next level. The shadows of failure can be overcome with the right initiative, motivation and determination. Keeping the goal in mind, completing the digitization process in the company will be a success to celebrate that will benefit everyone.