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The AH2ORA project, Water Footprint Analysis for Agricultural Irrigation Optimization, will study the application of water footprint calculation for efficient and sustainable water management in the agricultural sector.

Coordinated by the GAIA Cluster and co-financed through the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism’s (MINCOTUR) line of support for AEIs, the project has the participation of Devol and AQUADAT, as well as the technology center Fundación Tecnova and the Basque environmental industry cluster ACLIMA.

All of them collaborate for the development of a project that focuses on R&D, sustainability and the need to reduce water consumption through efficient water use. The water footprint is aligned with the strategies for the implementation and fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations Organization for the year 2030, specifically with the objective of clean water and sanitation (point 6), health and wellbeing (point 3) and sustainable production and consumption (point 12). Similarly, the World Economic Forum has placed the water crisis among the three main risks that could have the greatest impact on systems and countries in the next decade.

On November 29th, during the Basque Greentech event, which will be held for the third time at the BEC! in Bilbao, Lander Berrueta, head of R&D projects of the GAIA Cluster, will present the first advances made. In the same framework, the importance of the project and its impact on the identification of strategies to promote the reduction of water consumption in the agricultural sector will be emphasized.