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At a time of profound digital transformation in companies, it is essential to know what Mendix is. The tools within reach of the most diverse businesses can help make the definitive leap between being left behind or starting to work in the future.

The world before Low-Code

As we have already mentioned, Low-Code is the new tool that allows a high degree of efficiency and resource optimization during the development of computer applications.

Before the advent of Low-Code, programming had to be done at a high level, with complex programming languages that required in-depth knowledge. Activities reserved only for those who had been trained for years. And their development was just as complicated. Projects that were time-consuming, resource-consuming and not easy to scale or modify. All that is changing thanks to the versatility of Low-Code.

Low-Code as a revolution

The main advantage of the new programming paradigm is that… you hardly have to program at all. Thanks to the drag and drop system of predefined modules, building an application requires 70% less time and resources. In addition, it is possible to train non-developer personnel in a very short time so that they can implement their own solutions in a simple and fast way.

But being an easier-to-use tool does not make it any less powerful. The possibilities offered by Low-Code include advanced developments that allow a multitude of scenarios to be covered. From quality control applications to supply chain or event management applications.

Qué es Mendix

Mendix work screen.

What is Mendix?

Mendix is the Siemens specific Low-Code tool. A tool that brings together all the generic advantages of low-code but also includes some of its own features that represent a competitive advantage.

Teamwork is one of his main qualities. Mendix’s collaborative environment allows everyone, from the business manager to the developer, to actively participate in the development of the solution.

Another of its strengths is its link with MindSphere. MindSphere is an operating system used by the Internet of Things, managed in the cloud, and will become increasingly relevant. Every day, more and more processes, activities and objects in the world are connected to the network to carry out their tasks. Also, simply to be able to be controlled or monitored. That is why it is so important that a tool such as Mendix can be connected natively.

Why is Mendix the solution you need?

Adapting all businesses to the new times is a necessity that sooner or later will have to be faced. Doing it the smart way is the best option. And for that reason, having a quality, easy-to-integrate tool that has proven its effectiveness is the best alternative. At Devol we are Siemens Mendix partners because we always work with the best. We chose Mendix for its ease of use (which allows us to develop for you in record time). For its adaptability, which gives the option to scale, modify and improve the product at any time and stage of development. For the security that comes from having the market leader. Because we know it is the best option for you and your business. And because our commitment is to get you what you need as soon and as well as possible.