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We continue to unravel the UiPath tools available for the Center of Excellence (CoE) in the Discovery phase; now we talk about Process Mining.

Happy Path vs Reality Path

In the previous post of this series we saw how Automation Hub helps us in the task of democratizing, evaluating and managing opportunities in the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) of an organization.

Process Understanding UiPath


Shouldn’t we check whether these robotization opportunities are currently efficient?

Are all activities in the process on the “Happy Path” (are they performed as described)? or

In what circumstances and, above all, how often is this ideal path altered?

Are there “bottlenecks” in the process that prevent the achievement of time and/or quality objectives?

Are there activities that are not described in the procedures or that do not comply with internal regulations?


If we were to carry out a survey of the collaborators who carry out the process to obtain these answers, we would surely find partial and biased information.

Process Mining approaches the process in 3 main blocks: Information retrieval, Transformation of data into events and Visualization of the process.


Process Mining UiPath


With solutions already prepared for the main market solutions (ERP, CRM, SCM, PLM), Process Mining obtains “the real path” of the traces left by the employees in the transactions of the process to be analyzed.

Once the data has been transformed into events, the analysts can now propose concrete actions to improve the process with respect to the KPIs set (reduction of service time, reduction of approval time, detection of rule violations/fraud).

Analytics Process Mining

Now we can have qualitative and quantitative information to address improvements in the process before its robotization, if finally the decision parameters so determine.

But there is more; we have a solution to monitor process behavior and detect future opportunities in a process of continuous improvement.

Process MiningProcess MiningProcess Mining

Do you want to know how Process Mining fits into your Digital Transformation strategy? Devol Robotics Automation, through its consulting team, will help your team on this path.


In our next post, and sticking to the analysis of opportunities for robotization of a task within a business process, we will finalize the Discovery phase of UiPath.

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Process Mining