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Task Mining by UiPath: activity traceability for efficiency

Process Understanding UiPath

The reality of how employees perform tasks in information systems is another source of analysis in the “Discovery” phase of this series of articles.

Task Mining UiPath decision

In previous blog posts we have seen how UiPath’s suite of solutions (Automation Hub, Process Mining) allow us to manage, analyze, discover, propose and govern operational improvements in our organization.

Task Mining allows us to obtain the REAL behavior of the activities of our collaborators in a specific task of a business process, which allows us to discover opportunities for improvement before addressing its robotization with RPA.

Task Mining Activities

Task Mining approaches the process from several angles:

  • Identifying opportunities through the recording of employee activity in the information systems they use, with the wealth of diversity they incorporate (best practices) but also with possible inefficiencies
  • Gathering information, anonymously, on task activities
  • Applying AI to that extracted information to apply common patterns
  • Finally, creating activity maps (tasks, subtasks) refined and candidates for robotization.


Task Mining analytics


Task Mining can work in combination with Process Mining, extending the latter’s ability to detect specific tasks within the organization’s complex processes with greater precision.


Task Mining discovery

With Task Mining, the time required to analyze possible efficiency improvements, either by adopting improved patterns in manual procedures (best practices) or by robotizing them, allows us to obtain results quickly.


Another opportunity that Task Mining allows is to detect patterns of non-compliance that lead to fraud.


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