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Putting the customer at the center of any business action is a guarantee of success. The automation of some processes with RPA is synonymous with a substantial improvement in the way we relate to our customers. An easy, safe and mutually beneficial way to obtain better results.

The customer at the center of everything

Maintaining the best possible relationship with our clients is essential to ensure the success of any business project. Consumers are becoming more demanding, more knowledgeable and find it very easy to identify alternatives to meet their needs. In this context, the customer service departments of any company are dealing with more and more direct contact with customers every day. Contacts that, in most cases, require a lot of time and dedication. And part of that time is wasted on paperwork that can easily be replaced by RPA. A perfect example of how freeing people from the most unproductive tasks can lead to substantial business improvement.

Key information managed by RPA

One of the most time-consuming tasks is probably the data dump. Reading and extracting data from different documents, classifying it and sending it to the appropriate department is a perfect example of how software robots can help us. Automating, for example, the receipt of complaints in any company through RPA will result in immediate and easily quantifiable savings.

If instead of one (or several) people in charge of analyzing each claim individually, we put a robot to do the same job, we will see how efficiency grows exponentially.

A robot is able to read the document, extract the keywords, send the request to the appropriate person for resolution and, at the same time, contact the customer to let him know that he is being served. All without human manipulation, guaranteeing the confidentiality of the most sensitive data and allowing the people responsible to dedicate their time to generating solutions. Better service for the customer and less tedious work for the employee.

RPA para atención al cliente

RPA for customer service

A first automated assistance

Call center automation of inbound call processes is already widespread. It is common that, when we call any customer service department by phone, the first voice we hear is that of a recording that refers us to the corresponding department. But what if we go one step further?

More and more people prefer a more impersonal service, contacting companies by digital means. Mail, WhatsApp or virtual assistants are becoming more and more important, and RPA is one of the great rising values when it comes to developing this type of solutions.

A virtual assistant that can handle the most common queries, offering predefined automatic answers based on Artificial Intelligence, is the best option. It results in a better distribution of the workload in the company (the most common complaints do not occupy the time of employees, who can attend to more complicated issues). In addition, customers are served more quickly and efficiently.

The range of RPA solutions

So, as we have seen, customer service and improved customer treatment is one of the options offered by process automation. But it is not the only one.

From data analysis and classification, to email reception and distribution, to payroll, robotization is the next big revolution that is already happening.

If you would like to know more about this technology and its possible applications, do not doubt to take a look at our website and find out how we can help you.