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CARTIF-Centro Tecnológico de Castilla-León, cuenta con la colaboración y participación de InLOG Consultoría y Soluciones, Devol RPA y Tomec Engineering Consulting para esta jornada que combina tecnología, aprendizaje y actividad económica fuera del entorno urbano.

The House of the Arts in the Valladolid municipality of Laguna de Duero will once again be the meeting point for both national and Castilian professionals to reflect and share experiences on what it means to start up productive and technological companies, and how to bring successful models to the non-urban environment. As a novelty, after a first block of round tables where experts will share experiences, a Demo space will allow direct contact with hardware and software technological solutions.

The event will start with a first institutional block with the participation and welcome by Mr. Avelino Álvarez Pérez, Mayor of Laguna de Duero; the Territorial Director of ICE-Institute of Business Competitiveness of the Junta de Castilla y León; and Francisco Javier Olmos, responsible for the Centratec program at the Cartif Foundation. These will be followed by the thematic blocks.

The first panel of experts will address what private companies ask from the administrations when they decide to undertake, which will start with the presentation of the contextualization of the panel by Mr. Avelino Álvarez Pérez, Mayor of Laguna de Duero, and will be moderated by Felipe Rebollo Gómez, Head of Business and Commercial Development at InLOG and ex-CEO and founder of Hydrogen Onsite (2019). The table will be attended by María Rodríguez Manchado, Managing Director of VAMETAL-Asociación Empresarial Metalúrgica de Valladolid; Verónica Alcalde, Director of Decoexsa Castilla-León; Iñigo Sanz, Business Development Director of Iberospec Environmental Technologies and co-founder of the company Nucleo Lomeda (2016); and the Mayor of Laguna de Duero himself, Mr. Avelino Álvarez Pérez.

The second panel of experts, which will include presentations by the participants, will feature Ángel Vélez Marticorena, CEO of InLOG Consultoría y Soluciones and Devol RPA, who will share a reflection on his more than 30 years of experience in the world of EMS technology and Hyperautomation, having participated in the launch and creation of several technology companies. It will also feature presentations by Carlos Recio, CEO of Idrus Soluciones e Innovación, S.L., who will perform a live demo of the integration of his natural language call assistant Jano with an RPA robot; Saúl Blas, from Goblin Computer; Alex Blanquer, KAM of Belden Iberia; and Tomás de la Vega, Manager of Logistop, and moderator of this second panel of the day.

After this first block, there will be a space for networking and coffees where you can interact directly with the different speakers and their companies.

The second block of the day will deal with “Technological opportunities in the automation of logistic processes” and will start with the introductory speech of Javier Olmos, from Cartif, entitled “Enablers in the automation of new processes. Specific case of logistic processes”. The first presentation of the round table will be “Design tools for new automated lines” by Tomás Muñoz, CEO of TOMEC Engineering, a local technology-based company recently created (Start-Up in 2021). This table will include the participation of the companies Agropal, Ubyko and IoThing.

The day will end with the opening of the Demo spaces in which, among others, the company IDRUS Innovation will present its automated customer service system using voice robots in natural language showing live interaction between an RPA robot and Jano (call center in natural language).

IoThing, Tomec, Fran Cano, Belden Iberia, Cartif and Goblin will also participate in this area.

For its interest, we reproduce below, in its entirety, the program of the day.

8:00 – 8:30 Reception of attendees

8:30 – 8:45 Welcome

Mayor of Laguna de Duero. Mr. Avelino Álvarez Pérez

Representative Institute for Business Competitiveness (ICE) Junta de Castilla y León.

Representative CARTIF Foundation. Centratec Program

8:45 Block I: Opportunities for technology-based companies. Digitization of processes and data valorization.

Presentation of Logistop and the Block: Tomás de la Vega. Platform Managing Directora

9:00 Financing Opportunities

Cristina González Delgado, Health Business Leader & Castilla y León Account Manager, FI GROUP.

María del Mar Martínez Ruiz, Technical Office Leader FI READY, FI GROUP.

9:20 Round table “Attractive rural areas to set up technology-based companies”

Moderator: Felipe Rebollo Gómez, Head of Business and Commercial Development at Devol RPA and Inlog Consulting. Ex-CEO and Founder of Hydrogen Onste-H2Site (2019) 1 of the 10 Scale-ups of 2023 recognized by the Basque Government.

Presentation of the Industrial Estates Strategy in Laguna de Duero (10’)

Mayor of Laguna de Duero. Mr. Avelino Álvarez Pérez

Round table. Participants

      • Maria Rodriguez Manchado, Managing Director of VAMETAL-Asociación Empresarial Metalúrgica de Valladolid
      • Iñigo Sanz, co-founder of the company NUCLEO LOMEDA (2016) of sanitary equipment focused on construction sites
      • Veronica Alcalde, Territorial Director of Decoexsa
      • Avelino Álvarez Pérez. Mayor of Laguna de Duero

9:50 Keynote Introduction. “Core technologies in the new European strategy for the creation of an open, federated and interoperable data infrastructure. Initiatives launched from Logistop”.David Ciprés. Responsible line of Data Analytics, Digital Twin, IoT and Blockchain applied to industrial and logistics processes in ITAINNOVA.

10:15 Experiences and solutions in EBT: software and data valorization

  • Experiences in packaged solutions with RPA and AI, barriers and opportunities. Ángel Vélez Marticorena, Partner and CEO of Devol RPA
  • Automated customer service system using natural language voice robots. Carlos Recio, CEO of Idrus Soluciones e Innovación, S.L.
  • Autonomous device for monitoring and maintenance of IT infrastructures. Saúl Blas. Goblin Computer
  • Keys to align IIoT applications with your business objectives. Alex Blanquer. Responsible for key accounts in automotive industry and handling systems (Spain and Portugal). BELDEN IBERIA
  • Round Table Speakers.

Moderator: Tomás de la Vega. Managing Director Logistop.

11:15 – 11:45  Networking Activity  

11:45 – 12:00   Coffee break

12:00 – 14:00    BLOCK II: Technological opportunities in today’s logistics process automation.

In this block we will begin with a review of the main enablers in process automation, with a review of specific examples in the automation of logistics processes. We will continue with presentations of technology-based companies, which will detail their offer strategy both in services and technological products. In addition, there will be a review of some of the main needs or challenges that arise in terms of digitization and logistics automation from the distribution sector. The block will conclude with a debate on their business experiences and how they are facing all the technological challenges that are arising in their sector.

Block Presentation: Javier Olmos

12:00-12:30 Keynote Introduction. “Enablers in the automation of new processes. Specific case of logistic processes”.Javier Olmos. Responsible for business programs of CARTIF Foundation.

12:30-13:30 Challenges and opportunities for technology companies (10′ presentation + 20′ minutes common discussion table)

  • Design tools for new automated lines. Tomas Muñoz, CEO of TOMEC Engineering. Local technology-based company recently created (Start-Up of 2021)).
  • Digitalization needs, automation and optimization of logistics processes in supermarket distribution. Cesar Reales Ajo. Manager of AGROPAL
  • Automation of retail store warehouses, saving costs and improving customer service. Technology-based company specialized in the development of automated warehouses in the city. Diego Zúñiga García-Falces, CEO of Ubyko.
  • Development of fast integration IoT technology products. Diego Moreno Eguiluz. Founding PARTNER of IOTHING, Start-Up company.
  • Round Table Speakers

Moderator: Tomás Muñoz. TOMEC

13:40 – 14:40    CATERING Lunch.

14:40 – 16:00  Interactive workshop Demo area

IDRUS Innovation. Automated customer service system using natural language voice robots. Live demo of RPA robot interaction and Jano (natural language call center)..

IOThing. Rapid deployment sensorics: replacement of analog sensors by analog-digital sensors with high connectivity.

TOMEC. Technology-based company recently created (Start-Up). Customized Solutions. Integrators of automation systems in industrial plants and factories. Design tools for new automated lines.

FRAN CANO. Entrepreneur. Potentiality of METAVERSO in the development of environments aimed at simulation training in dangerous or extreme environments.

BELDEN IBERIA. Supplier of signal transmission solutions in the industry, with product solutions including connectivity and networking products.

CARTIF. Integration of Robotics in specific environments: autonomous robotics, collaborative robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

GOBLIN. Complete monitoring and maintenance device for IT infrastructures, managing a small AI system it is able to analyze, evaluate and raise services, analyze unauthorized users, control the processes of the operating system so that our equipment never stops. It also performs a reading of all the sensors of our equipment, anticipating failures and warning us in time to perform hardware maintenance of our infrastructure. Notifying us at all times to our e-mail or via Telegram.

16:00  Closing ceremony