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At Devol, we are in luck because we have become certified digitizing agents of the Digital Kit program. This means that we can offer our customers Digital Kit solutions under the umbrella of the initiative promoted by the Government of Spain for the digitalization of companies. Do you want to know how you can benefit?


What is the Digital Kit program?

Before starting with the Digital Kit solutions, it is worth stopping for a moment to understand exactly what the program consists of. This is a proposal whose objective is to help the self-employed and companies from 1 to 50 employees to face their digital transformation through a series of economic aids. Neither the sector nor the type of business matters, anyone can benefit from this aid.

The grant amounts range from €2,000 to €12,000 depending on the number of employees.

Soluciones del Kit digital

The Digital Kit solutions can be applied to any type of business. | Photo: Andrea Piacquadio.

How do I access the grants?

Applying for the voucher for the Digital Kit solutions, like any other assistance, requires some bureaucracy. First you need to register on the program’s official website and complete a digital diagnostic test. Don’t let this scare you. It is a short series of questions that will help you to know the level of intensity of your business compared to others. It will take you less than 10 minutes. In addition, you can also perform a self-assessment of your company’s digital transformation and even find out your company’s level of cybersecurity.

Once you have completed the registration and the test, you will be able to consult the available solutions of the Digital Kit. There are different categories (up to ten) in which you can find the desired solution: electronic invoicing, process management, cybersecurity, e-commerce… Simply perform a search based on your needs and select the solution that best suits your needs.


What digital kit solutions does Devol offer?

Devol has completed the certification to become an Authorized Digitizing Agent, which has allowed us to offer up to two different solutions for the Digital Kit. Our proposals fall into the categories of Process Management (with grants of up to €6,000) and e-Invoicing (with grants of up to €2,000).

In our Hyperautomation proposal we include the automation of your first process, always with the support of our team of experts. In addition to an annual subscription to a manned robot from UiPath (leader in RPA technology), you will also receive 20 hours of support for added peace of mind.

In the case of our proposal based on Devol 4 Invoices, our solution for vendor invoice management, we offer the implementation of the solution in a first phase. This includes the initial parameterization to suit the specifics of your business. The second phase includes an annual license, the processing of 2,500 pages per year and 10 hours of support so that any incident is quickly resolved.


So, as we have seen, the presentation of the Digital Kit program is an opportunity worth taking advantage of. Find out about all the possibilities it offers and contact us to answer any questions you may have about the Digital Kit solutions we propose.