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In particular for the Legal sector, whether it is a department in an organization or a law firm, the RPA practice brings competitive, quality and security advantages in some of its functions.

Digital Transformation is reaching all areas and sectors of the company. We are not talking about becoming a “digital native” company but about analyzing efficiency opportunities through digital practices such as those provided by RPA.

The robots, or better called Digital Employee, both in their assisted activity (the employee initiates the process) or unassisted (massive information processes without human intervention) of UiPath provide the organization with substantial improvements in efficiency, freeing the organization’s high quality resources from repetitive work.

Some examples of activities that can be performed using RPA are:

  • search for information in public records
  • monitoring in the regulatory frameworks of new information relevant to sectors or companies (surveillance services)

RPA Legal

There are no common recipes in RPA. The needs of each organization (quality, time or efficiency bottlenecks) detected in the initial phases of RPA will determine the feasibility or not of applying the practice, as well as the priority of its implementation.

UiPath through its standard framework, revised and extended by DEVOL Robotics Automation, ensures the positioning of the assessment of the proposed process to be robotized in the short-medium-long term; the complexity of the process will determine this.

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