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On February 22nd, at the B Accelerator Tower in Bilbao, a conference on business process automation with RPA will take place. The event, which will show the benefits of the implementation of software robots, will be attended by representatives of several leading companies in their sector.


From Devol we are very proud to be able to present the 1st conference on automation of business processes with RPA. A meeting aimed at sharing with companies from all fields and sectors the revolution that the adoption of technologies encompassed in the robotic automation of processes is bringing about.

Through this event we will be able to clear up the most common doubts when dealing with hyper-automation processes and show the possibilities of the tools that comprise it.


A day on automation full of experiences

Theory is always good (and maybe even necessary), but the truth is that it is with practice that things are best understood. For this reason, the conference on business process automation will devote a large part of its time to show real cases of leading companies in their sector.

Learning from how other companies have overcome challenges, discovered new paths and achieved benefits even beyond expectations can prove capital. The experiences narrated by those who have lived them in first person will provide a unique vision with an added advantage: the possibility of clearing with them all the doubts that may be harbored about a technology that is revolutionizing the way in which companies around the world face their own digital transformation.

Jornada sobre digitalización

Conference on digitalization

A range of technologies

Thanks to the use of technologies such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence or Optical Character Recognition, process robotization is becoming one of the most versatile allies for companies. The combination of these (and other) techniques help different types of processes to eliminate tedious and repetitive parts that consume time and human resources that are easily replaced by software robots.

This shift in the authorship of part of the processes (from the person to the robot) helps workers focus on more productive, value-added tasks that require attention that only a person can provide.