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When you hear the word robot, the image of a metallic humanoid may come to mind. However, there are other types of robots. Like the ones that are in charge of performing the most repetitive tasks in the work processes of any company. Like the ones that take care of making your payroll every month.

There are things a human should not do

Throughout history, human beings have developed increasingly complex skills that rendered their previous skills obsolete. A natural evolution that has allowed us to go from inhabiting caves to start talking about the conquest of other planets. Throughout this history there has always been specialization, thanks to which tasks that became monotonous passed into the hands of workers who remained anchored to them.

When the time came, these types of tasks became burdens that required a time commitment that ended up drowning those responsible for them. There was no one left to delegate the task to, or was there?

Una persona utiliza un ordenador

A robot assists in repetitive tasks. | Photo: Shuraeva.

The robot relay

The advent of low-code platforms and solutions have brought with them a revolution that is leading the digital transformation of companies: robots.

This revolution is not a total disruption of what has been done so far, but takes the form of a virtual assistant that is always available to perform the most tedious tasks of any company.

It is no longer necessary to implement a whole new system from scratch to do the same things you have been doing. It is now enough to program a robot that is responsible for interacting with the same systems that already exist in the company. They take the role of the worker. They click where the worker did. They save or send files using the same platforms, the same programs used by the worker.

All of this adds up to the main advantage of having a robot on staff: everything stays the same, works the same and gets the same results. We have simply automated a process that repeats itself in a loop and requires no greater skill than not losing focus on what you are doing.

The advantage of automating with a robot

All this technology is called RPA (Robotic Process Automation), and it is the great revolution of this century. Replacing the most repetitive and tedious parts of any process, such as payroll generation, with robots has a direct impact on cost reduction. How? Quite simply. Workers who used to have to spend hours preparing payroll every month now have that time available to perform tasks that require more attention. In addition, thanks to robots, errors tend to disappear. Execution times are reduced. The digital transformation of companies is easier in an increasingly globalized world.

Tasks as diverse as the management of payment advices, the generation of technical data sheets or the automatic classification of documents can be carried out by robots. Think of any process that is repeated in its execution. Processes that are performed on a regular basis (either daily, weekly, monthly…). Think about those that consume your company’s employees and do not add value. In all of them a robot can help you. And it will do so whenever you need it.