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In the Digital Transformation journey of organizations, RPA technology is essential in the process of improving the organization’s support functions (back-office).

There is no need to explain the advantages acquired by organizations with the implementation of RPA, reducing operation costs and improving the quality of information delivery by eliminating repetitive and manual tasks.

But what distinguishes RPA from other automation solutions already used to integrate software solutions?

According to McKinsey’s proposal, there are three:

  • Very fast implementation of solutions; it takes only a matter of weeks
  • RPA is superimposed on the implemented IT solutions with minimal developments, accelerating the IT training process
  • 100% robot control with: monitors, queues, notifications and programmed response actions

Devol AI RPA

How to achieve a successful project?

New skills from Agile methodologies will help rethink the organization; key in this model will be the identification, quantification, prioritization and mapping of new processes.

It is the business that leads the processes in RPA; it is the business functions that will be performed by the robots but IT will orchestrate the RPA solutions along with the rest of the existing solutions.

Support the process with a Center of Excellence (CoE) that prioritizes the changes in the organization and makes the experiences in the different operational centers with respect to RPA transversal.

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