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One of the revolutions that are shaking the world of software development in recent times is Low Code. Its ease and speed in implementing projects of various kinds has placed it in a decisive position. It is the tool that companies choose when developing their applications. However, is it possible to develop in Low Code without programming experience?


The Low Code revolution

Before we go into the ease or otherwise of development using solutions such as Mendix, today’s leading Low Code tool, it is worth pausing for a moment to recall what Low Code is.

Low-code development is an approach in which developers do not have to write (as much) code as in traditional programming languages. Here a “drag and drop” system works, which allows, thanks to predefined modules, to build an application in a short time.

In fact, studies reveal that developing with Low Code is ten times faster than with traditional means, in addition it requires up to 70% less resources. This is a saving that any company should take into account when considering the implementation of an application.

Low Code sin experiencia

It is possible to develop in Low Code without experience.

Low Code with no programming experience

The key question with which we opened this article is: is it possible to develop in Low Code without previous programming experience? The short answer is yes.

Mendix, for example, promotes what they call “citizen developers”. These are a kind of developers who are nothing more than workers with no programming experience who are capable of developing projects in Low Code. Does this mean that anyone can start developing applications overnight? Well, maybe it’s not that simple.

To begin with, we must take into account that, as with any other tool, to use Mendix and develop in Low Code without programming experience, it is necessary to undergo a short training. These tutorials are useful to discover the tool, to become familiar with the interface and to learn how the work process is developed to develop applications.

Once this knowledge process is completed, users are capable of developing simple applications. Small applications that can be very useful to improve the company’s processes.


Is it possible to go further?

As in everything, in Low Code development there are also different levels. If, as we have seen, it is possible to develop Low Code apps without experience, even at a basic level, having more knowledge guarantees the ability to develop more complex applications.

In this way, programmers who do have previous experience, or who further explore the training offered by the platforms, will be able to carry out more advanced developments.

Mendix allows, as any traditional language, to add code to the developments to complete or improve what is offered from the beginning. If the developer has the necessary knowledge, he can apply it to achieve more complete apps, which perform more complicated executions and, ultimately, serve for more complex tasks.

Thus, the solutions offered by Low Code platforms allow different profiles to develop with them. From people with no previous programming knowledge to those who already have extensive experience. For each group there are adapted tools, and that is the value that solutions like Mendix really bring.