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On June 21, in Laguna de Duero (Valladolid), and organized by CARTIF-Centro Tecnológico de Castilla-León with the collaboration of InLOG Consultoría y Soluciones and Tomec Engineering Consulting, a conference will be held to learn about the latest advances and technologies that are facilitating innovation in the field of logistics.

Advances that are changing logistics

In the incomparable space of the Casa de las Artes de Laguna de Duero, in Valladolid, national and Castilian experts will meet to reflect and share experiences on logistics, technology, automation and robotization of logistics spaces. The era of digital transformation is in full swing and companies across all industries are being driven by technology in their quest for efficiency.

But even more importantly, digital technology in its various forms is a first-rate enabler for shortening lead times for launching new products and services, transforming needs into business opportunities more quickly, or making new developments available as soon as possible.

A program with the participation of Devol

The day will start with a first institutional block with the participation and welcome by the Mayor of Laguna de Duero, the Territorial Director of ICE-Institute for Business Competitiveness of the Junta de Castilla y León, and Francisco Javier Olmos, responsible for the Centratec program at the CARTIF Foundation. After their presentations, the thematic blocks will be addressed.

The first of these, which revolves around logistics, opens with a presentation by Ángel Vélez, CEO of InLOG Consultoría y Soluciones and Devol RPA under the title “The technology behind logistics, traceability and efficiency”, which will focus on how the technology behind WMS logistics solutions has evolved over the last 30 years.

After the presentation, Vélez will be in charge of moderating the first round table panel of the day, with the participation of Juan Carlos Merchán, Atlantic Corridor Manager of Transfesa Logistics; Luis M. Bernardo, Operations Director of Bodegas 4 rayas; Íñigo Sanz, Business Development Director of Iberospec Environmental Technologies; and Carlos Recio, CEO of Idrus Soluciones e Innovación.

After these interventions there will be space for networking and coffee breaks where attendees can interact directly with the speakers and their companies, as well as share their doubts, experiences or engage in enriching conversations.

The second block of the day will focus on automation and robotization of logistics spaces. This block will start with a presentation by Tomás Muñoz, CEO of Tomec Engineering Consulting, who will talk about “Challenges in automation and robotization in logistics processes”, in which he will review his years of work in the world’s number one company in e-commerce. Following his presentation, Muñoz will moderate the second panel discussion, which will include Xabier Madina, Logistics Key Account Manager at OMRON; Renato Gonzaga, Project Manager at Synersight; José Antonio Romo, Commercial Director at Emleader; and Miguel Ángel Blanco, Director of Innovation at Devol RPA.

Devol will provide its experiences on how automation and robotization software technologies are helping to create much more efficient and effective environments that advance companies in the digital transformation of their warehouses.

This conference has the collaboration of VAMETAL, the Vallisoletan Association of Metal Entrepreneurs and the City Council of Laguna de Duero.