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The potential of Mendix to offer solutions in the development of professional applications has become a reference in the market. The versatility of low code programming makes any process can be digitized in a simpler and more economical way. But what is the real value of Mendix?


The six key points

When talking about Mendix applications, we must start from the basis of its six pillars. As we already know, low code programming is fast, very fast. In fact, developing in low code is up to 10 times faster than with traditional programming.

Scalability is another factor that characterizes Mendix. It is no longer a problem for a development to advance, evolve and need extensions. Thanks to the modularity of its approach, making additions during development (or even after development) is much easier.

Collaboration when it comes to launching projects is another strong point. At Mendix, different people develop in parallel, with access to the entire application, making contributions and improving the pace at which it evolves.

Along with the above, adaptability and resolution play an important role. Mendix is a tool that adjusts to the specific needs of each business, of each process. This is important to ensure optimal performance and a decisive speed when presenting solutions.

Last but not least, the efficiency that allows the reuse of code and infrastructure makes the evolution or even the development of new systems much simpler, cheaper and more versatile.

Aplicaciones de Mendix

Mendix applications cover a wide range of fields.

The potential of Mendix applications

With everything we have seen so far, it is clear that the foundation on which the Mendix low code tool is built is solid. This allows for optimal development in any type of environment. And that is precisely why Mendix applications in various fields are so convenient. Do you want to know some examples?


Adapted banking

In today’s world, the banking sector has undergone a transformation in which immediacy in customer contact is paramount. To this end, they have an exceptional ally: the smartphone.

The fact that virtually every customer has an internet-enabled device in the palm of their hand has been crucial for institutions such as WaFd Bank in the United States. Its online application, developed at Mendix, allows its customers to operate through the network from their cell phones with total guarantee, security and efficiency. An example of adaptability to different environments.


Commerce 2.0

One of Mendix’s most successful applications is the development of commercial portals for the retail sector. In a world where ecommerce is growing at double-digit annual rates, having a solid tool is vital. This is what happened to Kao, a company dedicated to the sale of cosmetics and skin care products.

A fully functional Marketplace was developed for them, which also allows them to modify the screen interfaces of the items they display 10 times faster than before. A considerable saving of time and resources that also allows vital customization to ensure sales. A successful development that combines the security required of a sales portal with the necessary attractiveness of product presentation.


Real-time adaptation

The COVID crisis that hit the entire planet in 2020 was no stranger to Rotterdam. The Dutch city suddenly found itself in a situation familiar to many: health crisis coupled with population confinements. In this context, developing a citizen support tool was something that could not be delayed. Fortunately, they had Mendix.

Thanks to the ease and speed of building an app with low code, Rotterdam was able to develop from scratch an application that provided citizens with information on the evolution of the pandemic in real time. Data such as the infection curve, advice on how to avoid the virus or emergency assistance for the sick. All this was done in record time and with a massive distribution among the population thanks to its publication in the App Store on iOS and Google Play on Android.

The power of Mendix applications to do whatever you need them to do

So, as we have seen, low code is the perfect tool for the development of all kinds of solutions. Mendix applications can go as far as the imagination of those seeking to improve their processes.

A tool that guarantees security, integrity, customization, speed, efficiency and offers solutions adaptable to all environments. A tool that can help you in the digitalization of your business, in the adaptation of your processes and, ultimately, in improving service to your customers.