Automation Day: A New Era in Business Process Automation

The headquarters of the National College of Engineers of ICAI, in Madrid, will host next October 24 at 11:00 am an event, organized by Devol and UiPath, in which professionals, companies and technology will join hands to show how they can contribute to make business processes more competitive. During the day, which will be face-to-face, // Leer más

How to automate business processes

A company that wants to deepen its digital transformation and take advantage of the benefits brought by new technologies must know how to automate business processes. Thanks to the advances we are experiencing in recent times, automation is becoming a key tool for increasing productivity and reducing costs.   Clear benefits of automation To begin // Leer más

Conference on automation in A Coruña

Next Tuesday, June 6, we will be holding a conference on automation A new era in business process automation at the Estrella Galicia Museum in A Coruña. It is an opportunity to learn, from the protagonists of this revolutionary technology, how automation can improve our businesses. Organized by Devol, UiPath and GAIA, the conference aims // Leer más

Interview with Ángel Vélez, CEO of Devol

In February 2022, the specialized business portal Gananzia, conducted an interview with Devol's CEO, Ángel Vélez, in which he reviewed the path that led him to start InLOG, first, and Devol, later. The experience of starting a new company The start-up and launching of a business is something that many people think about, but few // Leer más

Conference on business process automation in Bilbao

On February 22nd, at the B Accelerator Tower in Bilbao, a conference on business process automation with RPA will take place. The event, which will show the benefits of the implementation of software robots, will be attended by representatives of several leading companies in their sector.   From Devol we are very proud to be // Leer más

Digital Kit Solutions

At Devol, we are in luck because we have become certified digitizing agents of the Digital Kit program. This means that we can offer our customers Digital Kit solutions under the umbrella of the initiative promoted by the Government of Spain for the digitalization of companies. Do you want to know how you can benefit? // Leer más

How to implant a robot

Like any other change, adding RPA technology to a business causes initial uncertainty. Implementing a robot to help us with tasks that until now have been performed by people can generate a lot of doubts. However, the process is much simpler than you might imagine. And what's more, its effectiveness is guaranteed.   Before starting // Leer más

Your payroll is made by a robot

When you hear the word robot, the image of a metallic humanoid may come to mind. However, there are other types of robots. Like the ones that are in charge of performing the most repetitive tasks in the work processes of any company. Like the ones that take care of making your payroll every month. // Leer más

Analyzing the task: Task Mining by UiPath

Task Mining by UiPath: activity traceability for efficiency The reality of how employees perform tasks in information systems is another source of analysis in the "Discovery" phase of this series of articles. In previous blog posts we have seen how UiPath's suite of solutions (Automation Hub, Process Mining) allow us to manage, analyze, discover, propose // Leer más

Collaborative work between people and robots

In the field of process robotization it is common to find complex processes that require the handling of exceptions and validations by people, either due to the nature of the process itself or the information they manage, or simply because the effort of automating these exceptions or validations would result in the unfeasibility of carrying // Leer más

RPA in the Legal Sector

In particular for the Legal sector, whether it is a department in an organization or a law firm, the RPA practice brings competitive, quality and security advantages in some of its functions. // Leer más

Where are we in RPA?

In the Digital Transformation journey of organizations, RPA technology is essential in the process of improving the organization's support functions (back-office). There is no need to explain the advantages acquired by organizations with the implementation of RPA, reducing operation costs and improving the quality of information delivery by eliminating repetitive and manual tasks. But what // Leer más

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