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In the field of process robotization it is common to find complex processes that require the handling of exceptions and validations by people, either due to the nature of the process itself or the information they manage, or simply because the effort of automating these exceptions or validations would result in the unfeasibility of carrying out the automation.

UiPath Action Center makes it easier for robots and people to collaborate in the development of a certain activity, allowing them to act when necessary, providing information that requires their expertise or interpretation, or making decisions that the robot cannot or should not assume.

How does it work? When a robot needs help managing exceptions, escalating a certain case, or requesting approval or validation of a transaction, it automatically creates a task and delegates it to the appropriate person.

The UiPath Action Center architecture also makes it possible for robots to never be idle, allowing them to work on other processes while waiting for people to complete their tasks.

UiPath Action Center integrates robust access and privilege management for task completion, allowing each person to choose a task or delegate it to other team members.

In addition, with the UiPath Mobile application, tasks can be managed at any time and from anywhere.

If we want to have a collaborative work model between robots and people, UiPath Action Center can be a good option to consider.