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Automation Hub by UiPath

UiPath addresses the lifecycle of Robotic Process Automation with a suite of products from the Discovery phase through to Measure Operations.


End to End Automation Suite by UiPath


In this series of 3 articles we will deepen in the tools that UiPath proposes to an organization to support the Center of Excellence (CoE) that, nestled in the center of the organization, will allow the identification, governance and measurement of the company’s Digital Transformation opportunities.


Why not democratize the contribution of ideas for the transformation of business processes through robotization?

Should all robotization ideas be addressed, with what priority?

Is there a clear ROI in the robotization of a process?

Do we recognize the importance of governance, through proven methodologies, in the development cycle?


Automation Hub by Devol.es


The answer to these and many other questions is provided by Automation Hub.

Its implementation is simple and, of course, in the cloud (accessible to all profiles involved: company collaborators, RPA analysts, product owner, Digital Transformation managers); through basic forms and specifying the need of the pros/cons of the robotization proposal (idea) for a process of the organization, Automation Hub allows us:

  • Conduct an evaluation of the proposal’s potential and ease of implementation
  • The expected benefit (in hours and money) as well as the estimated FTE to be contributed by the digital worker (RPA) in the process
  • The process of authorization and approval of the process within the proposals (pipeline) managed by the CoE
  • Cost-Benefit analysis in the first 2 years of process implementation
  • Project monitoring during the development cycle of the RPA process

Automation Hub UiPath

If you would like to learn more about how to manage a CoE RPA through Automation Hub, contact Devol Robotics Automation and we will conduct a proof of concept with your team.

Follow Devol’s blog; in the next installment we will address, also within the Discovery phase of UiPah, how to identify the Should-Be with respect to the As-Is of a business process, before approaching its robotization.