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In February 2022, the specialized business portal Gananzia, conducted an interview with Devol’s CEO, Ángel Vélez, in which he reviewed the path that led him to start InLOG, first, and Devol, later.

The experience of starting a new company

The start-up and launching of a business is something that many people think about, but few actually put into practice. Even fewer see their idea materialize into a successful business that achieves the goals they set. In this interview we can learn first-hand about the experience that led to the birth of InLOG (a company dedicated mainly to integrated warehouse management and logistics) and Devol, focused on RPA.


The importance of tool selection

The determination to start a new business must always be accompanied by the right choice of the tools used to build it. Thanks to the right decision to count on relevant partners such as Microsoft Dynamics, UiPath or, more recently, Siemens’ Mendix, InLOG and Devol have managed to find the way to become leaders in their respective sectors.



The interview was originally conducted and published on the Gananzia portal.