Devol participates in the AH2ORA project for the calculation of the water footprint

The AH2ORA project, Water Footprint Analysis for Agricultural Irrigation Optimization, will study the application of water footprint calculation for efficient and sustainable water management in the agricultural sector. Coordinated by the GAIA Cluster and co-financed through the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism's (MINCOTUR) line of support for AEIs, the project has the participation of // Leer más

Develop in Low Code without programming experience

One of the revolutions that are shaking the world of software development in recent times is Low Code. Its ease and speed in implementing projects of various kinds has placed it in a decisive position. It is the tool that companies choose when developing their applications. However, is it possible to develop in Low Code // Leer más

Devol will be present at BeDIGITAL 2023

From Devol, we want to announce that we will be present at BeDIGITAL 2023, integrated in the GAIA space. The event will be held next June 6 to 8 at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre. An opportunity to get to know each other Next June 6 to 8 we will have the opportunity to meet thanks // Leer más

Mendix, LowCode/NoCode workshop in Madrid

Mendix headquarters in Madrid will host next May 9th at 10:30 am an event focused on giving visibility to how low-code/no-code rapid development tools help to reduce cost and time in software development. During the day, which will be face-to-face, real experiences will be presented in which the protagonists will share the keys and // Leer más

Low code ROI

When a company decides to invest in an improvement, it is normal that doubts arise about its profitability. Calculating the ROI of Low code, the technology that is set to revolutionize the way applications are developed, is no more complicated than any other tool. If we pay attention to the following keys, we can easily // Leer más

How to improve customer relations

In an increasingly changing and competitive world, having a good communication window with consumers is vital. One of the key points to improve customer relations is to have efficient and attractive portals and applications. Today's software development allows any business to benefit from what previously only the big players could afford.   The importance of // Leer más

Low code is important for your business

You may be more or less aware of the relevance that new technologies are acquiring in business environments around the world. But wherever a process takes place, technology is latent in one way or another. And knowing why low code is important for your business can make all the difference.   Digital entrepreneurship The tide // Leer más

Mendix applications

The potential of Mendix to offer solutions in the development of professional applications has become a reference in the market. The versatility of low code programming makes any process can be digitized in a simpler and more economical way. But what is the real value of Mendix?   The six key points When talking about // Leer más

Develop with Mendix

We have already talked about the power of low code in general, and Mendix in particular. But what we haven't talked about is the actual experience of using the tool. Let's learn first-hand how it works and why it is an advantage to develop in Mendix.   The mandatory review Before diving into the nooks // Leer más

AgriDigi: The new digital agrifood network

Devol, in collaboration with Purple Blob and the GAIA cluster, is developing a traceability and marketing project for the agri-food network to advance the digital transformation of the primary sector. AgriDigi is supported by Hazitek. A sector that finds it difficult to take the plunge The primary sector is characterized as one of the late // Leer más

How to choose between Low code and No code?

Choosing between Low code and No code may be a trivial question, but it is not just a question of budget or expertise. The choice of one architecture over another can have an impact on different aspects of a company's operation. Knowing which one to choose can determine the failure or success of the implementation // Leer más

What low code is

When developing an application, web or software tool, we inevitably think about programming. But is that what low code is? Is it just another programming language? Does it have advantages over the rest? How does it work? The next big revolution is already here and it is changing the way businesses around the world approach // Leer más

Which low code platform to choose?

Within the new trends in programming, low-code platforms are becoming more and more important. We have already talked about the advantages of low-code software development, but now that we know its virtues, which platform should we choose? Before we start, what is a low code platform? With the clear objective of helping to develop applications // Leer más

What is Mendix (and why should you be interested)?

At a time of profound digital transformation in companies, it is essential to know what Mendix is. The tools within reach of the most diverse businesses can help make the definitive leap between being left behind or starting to work in the future. The world before Low-Code As we have already mentioned, Low-Code is the // Leer más

WhatsApp in your business thanks to Low-Code

We live in times in which communication with customers is the fundamental basis of a good business relationship. Therefore, having WhatsApp in your business is a good idea. With the arrival of the pandemic, consumer-business iterations only strengthened a trend that was already unstoppable: that of online consumption.   New times, new habits The trend // Leer más

Devol robotics automation, new Mendix distributor in Spain

Thanks to its commitment to innovation in the digital transformation of companies, Devol Robotics Automation is betting on Mendix, the market-leading Low-Code tool from Siemens. The market is evolving and digitization is a top priority. We are convinced that the most effective approach is achieved when RPA and Low-Code BPA technologies are strategically united. Thanks // Leer más

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