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Thanks to its commitment to innovation in the digital transformation of companies, Devol Robotics Automation is betting on Mendix, the market-leading Low-Code tool from Siemens.

The market is evolving and digitization is a top priority. We are convinced that the most effective approach is achieved when RPA and Low-Code BPA technologies are strategically united. Thanks to their combination, the stability of core processes and legacy systems can be maintained, while introducing new applications that innovate from operation to service to our customers. This drives digital transformation and efficiency on multiple levels.

Within the scope of our specialization and expansion, and to improve our response to the growing demands of our customers, we have signed a new distribution agreement to commercialize Mendix, the Low-Code platform of Siemens Digital Industries Software, and to specialize in the design and development of rapid solutions under this tool.

Mendix is the leading Low-Code platform that enables anyone to build, integrate and scale applications 10 times faster with 70% fewer resources, allowing customers to increase operational efficiency, modernize core systems, launch new products and create digital experiences.

The Mendix platform powers an industry-leading Low Code developer community, as well as cloud, enterprise and industrial services.

We are confident that this alliance will enable us to provide our customers with new, more agile and complete solutions, allowing them to accelerate their digital transformation.