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When implementing automation, it is vital to have a framework that works. At Devol we have our own framework for automation that guarantees the best results.


What is a framework?

A framework is, in fact, a schema used to develop software. The importance lies in the fact that, thanks to this framework, programmers have a tool that avoids, for example, having to repeat code to perform common functions.

In this way, thanks to the framework, writing code or developing an application is much simpler, parameterized and efficient. It also allows for better organization and makes it easier to control the code or reuse it if necessary. It also helps to reduce and better control errors and so make the programmer’s job easier.

Therefore, having a proprietary framework to automate results in a competitive advantage that allows standardizing the development of business process automation. It saves time, resources and ultimately results in reduced costs.

La importancia del framework propio para automatizar

Having your own framework to automate adds a competitive advantage.

Standardizing implementation

Focusing on Devol’s framework for the development of business process automations, we find, as we have already mentioned, a standardization of the implementation. This standardization means that the skeleton, the basis of any automation project, is the same. In the case of Devol, this framework has been developed according to the needs and particularities that we have been finding over the years. It is based on real experience in the field of automation and is designed to ensure maximum efficiency and quality.

Thus, in addition to having a structure that manages, among other things, the opening and closing of applications or the environment in which automation takes place, the framework standardizes other aspects.

Notifications to users, estimation of completion time or modification of “hot” behavior are aspects that are included in the framework.


A reinforcement for security and control

In addition to this standardization, Devol’s proprietary framework for automation addresses security and control aspects. A video recording of the execution of the process is provided so that, if any incident occurs, it is easy to review it to identify what went wrong. In the same way, it is also possible to follow the execution in streaming to see live how the process is developing.

Retry management (e.g. to know how many times a login should be attempted in case of failure), automatic recoveries in case of interruption or traceability to ensure the quality of the execution are also controlled.

With all these parameters under control, it is very easy to control and ensure the execution of the process. In the event of an error, everything is recorded and this makes it possible to quickly identify the points where a conflict may have occurred.


Devol’s proprietary framework for automation

As we have seen, it is convenient, useful and very productive to have your own framework to automate. At Devol we have been able, thanks to our experience, to develop the most efficient working environment possible. One that guarantees maximum efficiency in development and absolute control in execution.

If you have any further questions or would like to learn more about how we can help you on the road to automating your business processes, please do not hesitate to contact us. Take the step and start enjoying the benefits of RPA. You are just one step away from improving the productivity of your business.