Project Description

Low Code Consortia Workshop for R&D calls


Ángel Vélez



Cristina Murillo

Cluster Services Dir.


Elena Muñoz

Partner sales Man.


Íñigo Garatxena



Ermua – 2/8/2024

Organized by GAIA and with the collaboration of Devol, the Low code Consortia day served as a meeting point for different industries and sectors to discuss the suitability of integrating rapid development tools into business dynamics.

The event began with a welcome and a brief introduction to focus the day.

Next, the presentation on the advancement of the technological world brought to the table the importance of adapting to changes and the use of new tools for any type of company or business.

The next point of the day was to present the Mendix rapid development tool. During the presentation, the advantages and benefits of working with the market leading Low code tool were emphasized.

Then it was time to learn about a case study, which showed the benefits of working with a tool that allows iteration in real time, providing changes or improvements during the development process itself.

Finally, the most important part of the day focused on several working tables in which attendees were able to participate in an interesting debate in which to contribute ideas that, with the help of Low code tools, could end up becoming real projects to submit to future R&D calls.

After sharing what was discussed at the table, the day was concluded by enjoying a small space for coffee and a small networking session.


Arrival and welcome

Cristina Murillo

Cluster Services Director


Where the technological world is going

Ángel Vélez

CEO Devol

Why Mendix for a Low code?

Elena Muñoz

Partner sales manager – Mendix

Success story: Absentix

Iñigo Garatxena

CEO Absentix

Work tables: Dynamics of consortium formation for potential projects

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