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In 2013, a group of entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the fields of logistics and consulting decided to take a step forward and create their own company. From that company Devol was born, and today they form the InLOG Group, which leads in the fields of warehouse management systems, robotic automation of processes or low code development.

Like all dreamers who have the courage to put their vision into action, this group of daring individuals could not have imagined that, ten years later, their vision would become one of the benchmark companies in the world of warehouse management systems.

From the beginning, at InLOG we have always been committed to the search for maximum technological innovation as the spearhead for the development of our proposals. A search that has always had the ultimate goal of excellence in supporting our clients in the development of their businesses. A clear example is the use of radio frequency systems to improve logistics management, integrated in InLOG WMS. This tool, now in its third version, has been providing high-value solutions in warehouses located in different countries for several years.

This quest for excellence, in search of the best possible solutions for our customers, led InLOG, at the end of the last decade, to explore the potential of automation systems using software robots.

Such was the revolution brought about by this new approach that, in 2020, InLOG was split into Devol, a new company dedicated exclusively to RPA and which is now also one of the reference companies in low-code development, the next great revolution in the creation of applications.

Inlog cumple 10 años.

Inlog cumple 10 años.

All this effort has converged into a group that today has a presence in three countries, provides service to dozens of customers and has completed multiple installations of InLOG WMS.

Inlog’s growth and obsession with improvement, however, has always been based on a workforce that, in addition to growing into the family of more than 50 members that is celebrating its anniversary today, has become the cornerstone of the company. A pillar, that of the people who make InLOG, which today is stronger than ever and on which pivots the guarantee of satisfaction that we print in each and every one of the projects we undertake.