What is the difference between Low code and No code?

The main difference is that, while Low code requires the developer to do part of the programming manually, No code developments do not include any additional programming. This makes Low code developments much more useful and have greater potential, allowing the creation of more complex applications with more functionalities.

How does Low-code differ from traditional development methods?

While traditional development forces you to program 100% of the application, low-code platforms already provide some of the work in the form of pre-built modules, templates and activities, which speeds up the development start-up. In addition, it is easier to apply changes and enhancements during the process and post-development updates are also easier to // Leer más

What are the advantages of developing with Low code?

The main advantage is the speed of development, which is up to 10 times faster than traditional programming. In addition, up to 80% fewer resources are required and it is possible to reuse elements, templates and activities from previous projects. Users can review the application in early versions during development to make changes, corrections // Leer más

Can I use Low-code to develop mobile applications?

The development of applications using Low code follows a mobile-first approach, which means that, although it is possible to run them in desktop environments, the default development already takes into account their use on mobile platforms, either through web-apps or as native applications. This type of development does not oblige the developer to maintain // Leer más

What are the advantages of the Low code?

Low code allows a much faster development than traditional programming, so it is also more economical. In addition, the fact of being able to test the application as it is being developed makes it much easier to apply changes or improvements. The reuse of architecture and data between different projects speeds up development time. // Leer más

What is Low code application development?

This is a type of development that reduces (but does not eliminate) the amount of programming that needs to be written. In this way, it is possible to create multi-device and multi-platform applications in a faster way and allowing to apply changes or corrections as the development is in progress. Thanks to Low code // Leer más

What is a Low code platform?

A Low code platform is an integrated development environment that has pre-built templates and components to facilitate and accelerate the work of application development, dispensing, as far as possible, with traditional code programming.

What is Low code?

Low code is a form of programming that adopts a visual drag-and-drop approach, allowing applications to be created more quickly and using far fewer resources.

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